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2009-08-22	Giacomo Stelluti Scala	<>

	* CommandLineParserFixture.cs (CommandLineParserFixture)
		Modified. User Rasqualtwilight (see
		correctly suggest that the parser should fail if nothing (or null string in case of
		string option) is passed to a long option (#BUG0002).
		Modified for #DGN0001 (see [3]).
		The refactoring of ParserSettings type name (to CommandLineParserSettings)
		has impacted some test(s).
	* LongOptionParser.cs (LongOptionParser)
		Modified. (#BUG0002)
	* ArgumentParser.cs (ArgumentParser)
		Modified. Added a guard clause like suggested by Rasqualtwilight in [1]; see IsInputValue(string) method.
		The method IsInputValue(...) was also modified in order to accept '-' (single dash) as option
		input parameter value; also this is stated in [1] and referenced as #REQ0001 (see
		The dash '-' is used by some program to indicate STDIN (again, see [1] and [2]).

	* ICommandLineParser.cs (ICommandLineParser)
		Modified. Removed previously added overload ParseArguments(...) that accepts ParserSettings.
		I think that this is a better design choiche (#DGN0001, see
		This is done to decouple ParserSettings type from this interface and couple it with the
		main parser implementation (CommandLineParser).
	* CommandLineParser.cs (CommandLineParser)
		Modified. (#DGN0001)

	* HelpText.cs (HelpText)
		Modified. In order to fullfill the user pruiz request (#REQ0002; see

	* HelpTextFixture.cs (HelpTextFixture)
		Modified. (#REQ0002)
	* CommandLineParserFixture.Mocks.cs (MockOptionsCaseSensitive)
		Modified. In order to fullfill design choice #DGN0001:
		moving the ParserSettings type from method to class constructor removes the
		obligation to have an HelpOption attribute (HelpOptionAttribute.cs) defined.
	* ParserSettings.cs (ParserSettings)
		Renamed to CommandLineParserSettings.cs: ParserSettings type renamed to
	* CommandLineParserSettings.cs (CommandLineParserSettings)	
		Added standard copyright header.
		Added MutuallyExclusive boolean property to switch on/off parsing rule for options with
		MutuallyExclusiveSet defined. 
		Added more constructors.
		Modified for #REQ0003 (see [4]).
	* OptionAttribute.cs (OptionAttribute)
		Modified. The OptionAttribute is modified in order to add a "mutually exclusive" feature requested
		by ErikEJ (#REQ0003; see [4]
		Added public string property MutuallyExclusiveSet (string).

	* MutuallyExclusiveParsingFixture.cs
		Added. Unit tests for "mutually exclusive" feature (#REQ0003).

	* OptionInfo.cs (OptionInfo)
		Modified. (#REQ0003)
		Added string property MutuallyExclusiveSet to handle the same property on OptionAttribute (see
	* OptionMap.cs (OptionMap)
		Modified. Altered constructor.
		Changes made to OptionMap::EnforceRules(...) to handle #REQ0003 (see [4]); this doesn't affect
		public API, because OptionMap type is internal for library private use.
	* OptionMapFixture.cs (OptionMapFixture)
		Modified. Some changes made for #REQ0003 (see [4]).

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