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2009-08-01	Giacomo Stelluti Scala	<>

	* CommandLineParserFixture.cs (CommandLineParserFixture)
		Modified. Added test code to implement 'case sensitive on/off switch' following
		user unruledboy request (#REQ0000) posted in project hosting web site
	* ParserSettings.cs (ParserSettings)
		Added. This object configures aspects of parser's behavior. (#REQ0000)
	* ICommandLineParser.cs (ICommandLineParser)
		Modified. Added a ParseArguments(...) overload that accepts an instance of
		ParserSettings. (#REQ0000)
	* CommandLineParser.cs (CommandLineParser)
		Modified. Now implements the new method defined in ICommandLineParser. (#REQ0000)
	* ArgumentParser.cs (ArgumentParser)
		Modified. (#REQ0000)
	* OptionMap.cs (OptionMap)
		Modified. (#REQ0000)
	* OptionMapFixture.cs (OptionMapFixture)
		Modified. Internal type OptionMap has a new public constructor (see OptionMap.cs).	

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