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2009-11-01	Giacomo Stelluti Scala	<>

	* {all}.cs
		Modified. Code formatting lightly adjusted for readability and maintainability.
	* OptionInfo.cs (OptionInfo)
		[if|else] construct of ::SetValue(string, object) turned into [guard-clause|return].
	* HelpText.cs (HelpText)
		[if|else] construct of ::GetLength(*) turned into [guard-clause|return].
	* IncompatibleTypesException.cs (IncompatibleTypesException)
		Removed. It's no longer necessary.
	* ParserException.cs (ParserException)
		Moved. {project-root}/Exceptions/ParserException.cs was moved to {project-root}/Parser.
	* Exceptions folder
	* NAnt Script (../nant/
		Modified. Aligned to Visual Studio project.
	* Tests folder
		Created. This folder will contain reusable test code.
	* MockUtil.cs
		Moved. Both files moved to {project-root}/Tests folder.
	* CommandLineParserBaseFixture.cs (CommandLineParserBaseFixture)
		Added. CommandLineParserBaseFixture will be the base class for testing CommandLineParser.
	* ValueListAttributeParsingFixture.cs (ValueListAttributeParsingFixture)
		Added. Groups tests for CommandLineParser type related to ValueList[Attribute]. These tests
		were first contained in CommandLineParserFixture.
	* CommandLineParserBaseFixture.cs (CommandLineParserBaseFixture)
		Modified. See ValueListAttributeParsingFixture[.cs] changes.
	* CommandLineParserFixture.Mocks.cs (types nested in CommandLineParserFixture)
		Modified. Added MockOptionsExtended type.
	* CommandLineLibrary.shfb
		Removed. This file was converted to a newer version of SandCastle (sc 2.4.10520, hpfb beta).	
	* CommandLineLibrary.shfbproj
		Added. This is the new version of CommandLineLibrary.shfb (source for build CHM help file).

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