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2009-09-16	Giacomo Stelluti Scala	<>

	* Parser.cs (Parser)
		Removed. This type has been marked obsolete many release ago.
	* CommandLineParser.cs (CommandLineParser)
		Modified. Private method ParseArgumentList renamed to DoParseArguments.
		XML comments revised.
		Now the behavior of both ParseArguments(...) methods is aligned with the introduction of
		CommandLineParserSettings::HelpWriter. Setting this property to null (or passing null to
		the overload of ParseArgurguments(...) that accepts helpWriter as argument) means that
		in case of fail (or help request) you don't want to display any help screen.
	* Parser folder.
		Added. Contains ICommandLineParser.cs, CommandLineParser.cs, CommandLineParserSettings.cs
	* Tests folder
		Moved. {project-root}/Tests was moved inside of {project-root}/Parser.
	* ICommandLineParser.cs (ICommandLineParser)
		Modified. XML comments revised.
	* NAnt Script (../nant/
		Modified. Changed to reflect MS Visual C# 2008 EE project layout.
		The function 'path::combine(...)' is now used in a more extensive way.
	* Properties/ThisAssembly.cs
		Version defined '1.6 stable'.
	* PairT.cs
		Changed. This type has ben replaced (and adapted) with the version shipped with
		Common Utility Library (see [1]
	* Util folder.
		Renamed. Extended to 'Utility'.
	* CommandLineParserFixture.cs (CommandLineParserFixture)
		Modified. Added more tests for #BUG0003 (fixed in a previous release).
		Added more tests for #REQ0001 (implemented in a previous release).
	* CommandLineParserFixture.Mocks
		Modified. Added type MockNumericOptions.
	* ArgumentParser.cs (ArgumentParser)
		Modified. Now single dash '-' is allowed also as non-option value (you can capture it with ValueList[Attribute]).
	* LongOptionParser.cs (LongOptionParser)
		Modified. Removed commented code.
	* OptionMap.cs (OptionMap)
		Modified. Removed commented code.
	* SampleApp/ThisAssembly.cs (ThisAssembly)
		Added. Contains assembly's constants.
	* SampleApp/Program.cs
		Modified. It has been updated to be more readable.
	* CommandLineParserSettings.cs
		Modified. Removed default setting of HelpWriter property (internal get accessor).
	* CommandLineParserSettingsFixture.cs
		Added. Contains CommandLineParserSettings specific's tests.
	*  doc folder (../doc)
		Modified. Added NUNIT-LICENCE, copied and renamed from {install-dir}/NUnit 2.4.8/license.txt.
		(I forgot to do this from earliest versions!)

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