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2011-07-06	Giacomo Stelluti Scala	<>

        + file added; * file modified; - file deleted; ~ file renamed; > file moved;
        . file replaced; { group start; } group end

    [a] Evolutionary Maintenance: Added a new feature to report a more detailed help
        text when user input violates parsing rules.
        # discussion 204518 (
        # discussion 249258 (

    * Solution, Project Files {CommandLine.sln, CommandLine.csproj[.user], SampleApp.csproj[.user]}
        Modified. Project format updated to MS Visual C# 2010 Express.
		NOTE: the target framework is still .NET Framework 2.0.

    . ../../lib/nunit.framework.dll
        Replaced. Assembly replaced with the one supplied with NUnit version

    * Text/TESTS/HelpTextFixture.cs (HelpTextFixture)
        Modified. Added tests DetailedHelpWith*() for implent and test [a].

    + TESTS/Mocks/ComplexOptions.cs (ComplexOptions)
	    Added. Mock object needed (for now) to HelpTextFixture test type.

    + Parser/CommandLineOptionsBase.cs (CommandLineOptionsBase)
        Added. New abstract type used when you need to get parsing errors.

    + Parser/PostParsingState.cs (PostParsingState)
        Added. Internal type that models the state of the parser at the and of the job.

    * Parser/CommandLineParser.cs (CommandLineParser)
        Modified. Added private method SetPostParsingStateIfNeeded(object,PostParsingState). The type was modified for [a].

    * Core/ArgumentParser.cs (ArgumentParser)
        Modified. Added property PostParsingState LastPostParsingState{get,set} and method DefineOptionThatViolatesFormat(OptionInfo).
		Again, the type was modified for [a].

    * Core/LongOptionParser.cs (LongOptionParser)
        Modified. The method Parse(IArgumentEnumerator,OptionMap,object) was modified for [a].

    * Core/OptionGroupParser.cs (OptionGroupParser)
        Modified. Also the method Parse(IArgumentEnumerator,OptionMap,object) was modified for [a].

    * Text/HelpText.cs (HelpText)
        Modified. Added method RenderParsingErrorsText(CommandLineOptionsBase) and protected method GetMessageText(MessageEnum) to handle parsing error rendering (see [a]).

    * Core/OptionInfo.cs (OptionInfo)
        Modified. Added property NameWithSwitch{get}.

    * Core/OptionMap.cs (OptionMap)
        Modified. The method EnforceRules() was modified for handling [a] requirements.

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