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The Command Line Parser Library supports:
  • Short options (-s, for example)
    • Option+Value/No space: -sHello
    • Option+Space+Value: -s Hello
  • Short options like switches; no value required
    • Option+Space+Option+....... -s -x -y -z
    • Option+Option+Option+...: -sxyz...
    • Option+Option+Space/Any Comb.: -sx -yz
  • Long options (--long, for example)
    • Option+Equal+Value: --long=Hello
    • Option+Space+Value: --long Hello
  • Composed options (it's about values)
    • --any 1;2;3;4 (separator is configurable)
  • Common features
    • Both accepts values with spaces: -s"Hello World!" --long "Hello CLR!"
  • Remarks
    • Short option and short options' group requires single hyphen (-)
    • Long option requires double hyphen (--)
    • Single hyphen (-) is also accepted as a value

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GregWoods Nov 19, 2015 at 4:15 PM 
Every time I use an app I developed with this library, I accidentally run the thing whilst trying to view the help options. The cause is insistence on *nix style '-' instead of Windows style '/'. Any reason for this? Can it be configured?

ericpapa Sep 15, 2015 at 8:03 PM 
Why it doesn't accept more "Windows based" argument format, such as /myOption="TheValue",instead of -getopt coming from Linux??? It would then be a PERFECT solution. I can accept to use the Linux standard, but me and system users would definitely prefer to use the Windows Standards. Thanks