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  • Version Breaking, short name of an option must be defined as character (System.Char). Non breaking, added support for verbs.
  • Version Breaking, removed dependency from CommandLineOptionsBase, introduced ParseStateAttribute.
  • Version Non breaking, implemented strict parsing (see issue #32).
  • Version Non breaking, pull request #44.
  • Version Non breaking, CommandLineParserSettings, CommandLineParser implements IDisposable.
  • Version Non breaking, added CommandLineParser::WasVerbOptionInvoked helper method.
  • Version Breaking, HandleParsingErrorsDelegate renamed to ParsingErrorsHandler, MultiLineTextAttribute renamed to MultilineTextAttribute. Non breaking, refactoring (see ChangeLog).
  • Version 'Partially' non breaking, OptionAttribute is now sealed. OptionArrayAttribute and OptionListAttribute derives from BaseOptionAttribute (update your custom types too).
  • Version Non breaking, introduced ValueOptionAttribute enhancement of issue #33.
  • Version Breaking: CommandLineParser, ICommandLineParser, CommandLineParserSettings, CommandLineParserException renamed to Parser, IParser, ParserSettings, ParserException as explained here.
  • Version Non breaking, added fluent builder (ParserConfigurator, see issue #42).
  • Version 'Partially' non breaking, ParsingErrorsHandler delegate replaced by Action<HelpText>.
  • Version Non breaking, Extracted interface IParserSettings from ParserSettings. Changed consumers to depends on IParserSettings rather on concrete default implementation.

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